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02 March 2008 @ 02:10 pm
A third Supernatural fic thingie  

In the wee hours
A direct continuation of Where have you been and In the middle of the night. Even more plotless than the others.
Unbetad. Mind your eyes and beware of grammatical horrors.

Dean stretched out on the bed. He felt loose and relaxed, this had been a seriously good night. It was almost a shame that they should leave the day after, he would miss the dirty couple. Too bad about Sam, though. He had looked pissier than ever when Dean walked in but at least he hadn't begun to bitch again or pointed a gun at Dean. Dude needed to get laid, soon, before he hurt someone out off pure frustration. Perhaps he should take the risk and bring Sam along on the next foray into the wild. Considering how desperate Sam had to be by now, to Dean's knowledge he hadn't gotten any for at least four months, he just might take Dean up on the offer instead of killing him straight away.

A tingle spread in his belly when he let the thought wander and show him naked Sammy, hard Sammy. Dean brushed the thought away, that was just stupid, and sick, to think about his brother like that. But really, they did share everything else so why not this too, a small voice in his head argued. You know you wanna. Dean turned over and pulled the pillow over his head. He did not just think that. Brother was brother even if brother was tall and good lookin' and had a butt firm as a…a… whatever and legs for miles and lips that Dean caught himself staring at sometimes because they looked like they tasted sweet and he wanted to lick them and see for himself. Especially after he had been telling Sam a story. Sam licked those lips a lot during Dean's tales about the women.

Sometimes Dean got the feeling that Sam perked up a little extra when Dean told about his particular actions and not just how the ladies had squealed, he could see that Sam got hard. Dean did too, but he blamed that on the stories he was telling and the actual memories he had from the night. It could not be because he liked to see Sam get flushed and begin to squirm, that was not why he gave very close descriptions of the events.
Dean gave up and went for a glass of water, he needed something to cool off with, and he could always tip the water into his boxers. Cold did have a shrinking effect. It had for several seconds until he turned back to the bed and saw what Sam was doing. Fast asleep, on his back, the cover kicked off and his hand in his boxers.

Sam was dreaming. He knew he was dreaming because Dean would never touch him like that, stroke him like he petted a cat or touch him right there. Long and slow and just the way he liked it. Somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered how Dean could know how he wanted it but the dream took over and he let it all go, let it happen. Moved into the strokes and groaned just to let Dean know how good it was, said his name to keep him going, wouldn't take much now. He reached out and connected with something solid, grabbed it and pulled closer. Through the dream he heard Dean say his name, urgently, whispering.

The heat spread again, like a wildfire, at the sight of Sam on the bed. No cold water would help against this. Sam's skin was golden in the moonlight that came in through the half broken blinds, almost reflecting it when he moved his hips, thrust up into his hand. "Dean," he said in a sleep muffled voice, "Dean."

He didn't know what made him do it, made him sit on the bed and put his hand on Sam's belly, stroke him, feel the muscles bunch, feel the heat radiating off him. "Sam, Sammy, what are you doing?" he whispered. He really didn't want to disturb his brother, but this was scary and hot and the noises Sam made went straight to his groin, making him hard and aching and wanting. "Sam, wake up."
Sam's eyes opened slowly, and he smiled at Dean. "Mmm,", he muttered, "do that again." He caught hold of Dean's hand on his belly and brought it down to his cock and purred again when Dean without thinking closed his fist around the hard flesh. "'s good, again, wanna…"
Calloused hand on him, stroking, squeezing gently, rubbing. "Dean…" His eyes fell shut.

"Yeah, Sammy, I got you, let it go, I'll catch you." Dean kept stroking, rubbing his thumb over the leaking had, making Sam twitch and pant. He had no choice but to go on, Sam had asked him too and he always took care of his little brother.
Sam's eyes opened again, "Am I dreaming, Dean, is this a dream?"
Dean swallowed before answering, the right thing would be to stop and wake him properly, but he couldn't, he wanted too much, wanted what was wrong and the hottest he had ever done. "You're dreaming, Sam. Just a dream."

"Just a dream," Sam muttered and rolled his hips up into Dean's hand. "Dean," he sighed. "Dean?" The voice was a little more awake and he stopped moving. "Dean, what the fuck?" Totally awake now, Sam sat up straight as an arrow and stared at his brother, at the hand still holding him.

Dean let go as if he had burned his hand. "What the hell are you doing?" Confusion and anger and something indefinable tainted Sam's question. Dean swallowed again, tried to find his own voice. "I…I did what you asked me to," he said, "you said do that again and I did."

They stared at each other. "Again?"
"Yeah, again, you were dreaming, dude, and jerking off.  You said my name and told me to do it again." Dean looked away, "What were you dreaming?" He wasn't sure of what he wanted to hear, afraid of the answer if the answer should be right, or wrong. He dared a peak at Sam.

Even in the faint light, Dean could see Sam blush a furious shade of red. He opened his mouth to say something, closed it again, just looked at Dean. "Come on, what were you dreaming?"

The answer was not what Dean had expected. "I followed you tonight, I saw you with those guys."


"I wanted to know why you were lying to me, feeding me those stories about the women. I sat in the tree outside the house and I saw you."


Now that he had pulled the plug there was no stopping him telling Dean. "I watched you, and I wanted, too. I got so hard, sitting there, watching you doing things. I tried to think that it was the guys, that I had turned gay overnight, but it was you. I never wanted before, not until now. But now I do, want you to touch me like you did then, like you did now. I was dreaming about you touching me. You can hate me if you want, but I can't help this. It's your fault. If you hadn't lied to me I wouldn't have had to follow you and I wouldn't have seen you and I wouldn't have dreamed about you now."

Silence fell between them, they sat staring again. And very slowly, Sam saw that look of hunger grow on Dean's face. The same feral look he had had earlier.

"You watched me? And it turned you on?" Sam didn't recognise the tone, he had never heard Dean speak like that before. Low and almost growling, the sound was rasping against his skin, against his nerves. "Bad, bad little brother, spying on me like that."
Sam backed up against the headboard, this Dean sitting in front of him was a new Dean, a Dean with a dirty smile and gleam in his eye. Just as the knowledge hit him when he sat in the tree, about Dean's look when he came, it hit him now that this was Dean in heat, Dean the predator. And if that wasn't enough, he could see the bulge in Dean's boxers, hard flesh straining against the fabric. Sam had gone soft when he woke up, when he realised what was happening but now it returned with a vengeance. He had to spread his legs to make room for his cock, and the smile on Dean's face grew, he bared his teeth just like he had before and then he pounced.

"I can show you, Sam, show you what we did. You want that?" Sam could only nod, Dean had pulled him down lying flat and was pressing him down into the mattress. Chest against chest, cock against cock and Sam lost his voice, his breath when Dean wriggled out off his boxers and pulled Sam's down and off.

Dean could feel Sam's heart beating, fast as a rabbit's, his panting breath ghosted against Dean's face and he couldn't help but bend down and lick those lips. Short, light swipes to get a first taste and man, did they taste sweet. "Sweet," he muttered, "I knew you would be sweet."

He licked at Sam's lips, pushing his tongue inside his mouth, and tasted more sweetness. Sam didn't respond at first, dazed by the turn this had taken, but soon enough he kissed back, tangling his tongue with Dean's. "You take care of me, Dean. Won't you?" The question was gasped between kisses and Dean stopped and pulled back. Looking Sam straight in the eye he said "I'll always take care of you. This is us, that is more than enough."

There was only one way to go and that was forward. Dean set about to drive his brother crazy. Carefully, though, as he had promised, and when you popped a cherry, time and thoroughness was essential, he didn't want to scare Sam, not when they had gotten this far, let everything else go. And he had said to show what he and the guys had done. The tingling in his belly was long gone, replaced by a feeling of want he hadn't felt before.
"Hold on to something, bro, I think you'll need to." Sam tangled his hands in the sheet, a wild look in his eyes. "Come on then, do something," he ground out.

Dean did. He took a second to decide if he should shock Sam or take the longer, slower road before deciding for the shock treatment. He bent down and licked Sam's cock, and Sam shouted and bucked up. Right way to choose then, little brother had never been one to beat around the bush and he wasn't now either. Dean took a deep breath and swallowed Sam down, pushed down until he felt Sam's pubic hair tickle his nose.

The grunts and groans Sam made were incredible, the swell of his cock in Dean's mouth even better. Velvety hard and leaking, sweet as his lips and the thought of bringing Sam off like this was tempting but it wouldn't be enough. Dean let go and kissed his way up Sam's belly, latching on to a nipple in the passing by.

"We need something," Dean muttered against Sam's collarbone.
"Need what?"
Dean bit down gently and smiled at the gasp, "Something to ease the way. It's not like I'm gonna spitfuck you."
"Spit…Eeww. Gross" Sam made a disgusted face. "Fuck? You mean you are…?"
"Yeah, Sammy, I am." Dean climbed off the bed and rummaged in his bag, "Ha! Found it." He climbed back and settled between Sam's spread legs.
"I'm gonna be careful with you, Sam. You wanna know how careful? What I'm gonna do?" Dean let his fingers ghost over Sam's thighs, up over his hips, caressing his belly. Sam shuddered at the feather light touches and nodded.

"I'm gonna open you slowly, make you all loose for me so I can slide inside without stopping. Gonna make you all wet for me, all ready and greedy for it."
He let his hand with slick fingers slip down between Sam's thighs, grazing his crease, flutter over the clenching hole and Sam whined. "Shh, easy, we'll get there, I promise," he said and bent down again to take Sam into his mouth.

"Better hurry, dude, getting impatient here." Dean could have laughed at the snippy comment if he hadn't had his mouth full. But he could feel the tension bleed out off him, they were good after all, this wasn't anything he forced Sam to do, Sam wanted it too. Left was only the lust and want raging in him. And if Sam could say shit like that with his cock down Dean's throat they had to be good.

He increased the pressure and slipped a finger in, wiggling his tongue around the crown of Sam's dick to distract him from the intrusion, holding Sam's hips down with the other hand, to stop him from twisting off the bed. "That's fucking weird, man," Sam made a grimace. "Hurts."

Dean grinned and moved the finger, slowly sawing it back and forth, letting go of the hard flesh in his mouth with a wet pop. "Gonna make you feel really good now, just wait for it." He added more lube and pushed two fingers in and this time Sam made a pained sound deep in his throat. Wrong as it was, in all this wrongness, the sound made Dean even harder. He was first, no one had ever touched Sam like this, and he was going to give Sam the ride of his life. Dean crooked his fingers and hit that spot inside, the one that made you go blind.

"Aah, fuck! Dean!" Sam threw his head back and tried to breathe, the hands on him coaxing sensations he had never felt before, making him twist and wriggle trying to push up into, push down onto, anything as long as it didn't stop.

Dean looked up at him with the feral grin still in place, lips wet and swollen. "No, not fuck Dean, tonight it's fuck Sam." He pushed his fingers in harder, twisted them. "You're gonna spread your legs for me, spread them and let me in. I'll go so deep, and I'll make you come, Sam, come on my cock because you can't stop now, I can't stop now and you're so hard for me."

He pulled his fingers out and sat back on his heels, "See what you do to me? Just look how hard you've gotten me. This is all for you, Sam, because of you."

"Better fucking give it to me then."

The first push inside hurt and Sam grunted in discomfort. Dean had tried to get him on his hand and knees, would be easier that way he had said, but Sam refused. He wanted to see Dean, see that hungry look on his face because that, Sam had discovered, to see that face, almost snarling, eyes on fire, aimed at him, did things to him like he hadn't thought was possible. The reflex to just bare his neck and offer everything had never sparked before, but Dean's look made him want to do just that. Spread open and hand over.
Legs on Dean's shoulders, holding on to the headboard, he couldn't be more open, more vulnerable. Oddly enough he didn't feel threatened, like he should, you never let your guard down, the hands caressing him grounded him instead.

"You OK?" Dean sounded strained, like he was holding something heavy and was struggling not to drop it.

Sam nodded, it was a bit hard to breathe again and his ass ached. He tried to relax and when he did he could feel Dean, inside him, hot, hard, twitching, not just the unfamiliar fullness and the almost painful stretch of his hole. "Tight," Dean had hissed when he slid inside, "so fucking tight, can't believe it."

"Move, Dean, just go slow, OK?" Sam tilted his pelvis up a little and Dean rocked inside him. Small, short moves, and Sam could feel his body relax and let it happen, let Dean move more freely, longer strokes, not harder but all the way out and then back in, in a slipslide avalanche of sensations. The world got blurred at the edges and he could hear himself pant as a bitch in heat and the soft growling noises Dean made every time he pushed in.
Dean leaned forward, pushed Sam's legs up against his chest and began moving faster, and there, right there he hit that spot again and Sam's vision went white, he could hear Dean say things, dirty things but he couldn't respond, his breath had got lost completely now and all he could do was whine as the white light exploded behind his eyes.

Dean took hold of Sam's cock and jerked fast, he wouldn't last. Sam gripped him too tight, was too hot and when Sam came, his body clamped down as a vice on Dean, milking him of all he had left. He could feel Sam spurt over his hand, the contractions in his ass, the shout coming from him and Dean thought he would lose his spine when he emptied himself inside Sam.

Dean landed on top of Sam, his head spinning. Sam didn't say a word, just wrapped his arms around Dean and held him. They could talk in the morning, had to, but then and there Dean's soft lips against his throat and his heartbeat against Sam's was more than enough because it was them, as it always had been.

"Oowww, fucking hell!" Sam couldn't hold back the cursing when he tried to sit up in bed. Dean poked his head out from the bathroom. "What?" 

"I said ow, my ass fucking hurts."

"Yeah, would be because we did just that not long ago, fucking. Happens when you put things where the sun doesn't shine." Dean grinned at him and if he had gotten any closer, Sam would have smacked him.

"Is it supposed to feel like this? I mean, I feel like split in half."

"Mmm, does after the first time, but it'll get better." Dean kept grinning at him.

"But how the hell am I supposed to sit in the car all day?"

"Oh, you'll manage. And I can kiss it better if you want."

"Kiss it better?"

"I'll show you tonight."

angels3angels3 on March 3rd, 2008 12:31 am (UTC)
Just thinking about that throb in his ass sitting in the car and Dean kissing it better just does really dirty things to me.

Loved it.
Vesta: vmanbiggelois on March 3rd, 2008 02:17 pm (UTC)
I bet he's squirming on that hard seat. The thought is nice,isn't it? Thank you.
bonbonschneckebonbonschnecke on May 8th, 2008 06:07 pm (UTC)
Oh yes yes yes....show him!!!! God I think I need a ice cold shower now!!!!
Vesta: vmanbiggelois on May 10th, 2008 06:31 pm (UTC)
;;hands over bucket of ice:: Feel better? Thanks!