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27 March 2008 @ 12:08 am
Yet again more Supernatural fic thingie  

Powder 2/2
Unbetad. Mind your eyes and beware of grammatical horrors. Warnings for schmoop.

"Dean. Dean. Wake up." Sam's voice in his ear pulled Dean out off sleepland, back to reality. He wasn't sure which was which at first, reality or dreamland, because in dreamland, Sammy had been lying on him too, naked and squirming. Pawing at him, big hands roaming over chest and thighs, wherever he reached.

"You gotta help me, can't stand it anymore." Sam's tongue slithered across Dean's ear, teeth grazing his earlobe. That did it, he was back in real world, not dreaming. Weird dreams, had to have been fuelled by the noises Sam had made before he passed out. Dreams where he helped Sammy, but in a new way, a way he had dreamt about before but never dared to remember. If he had been the slightest bit unsure, the hard ridge Sam pressed against his thigh took away all doubt.

He tried to sit up, push Sam off him, but Sam was moving over him, trapping him against the bed, gnawing at his jaw, licking him. "Sam, stop. Can't."

"What can't? I can't, Dean, I can't take it. I need. You have to help me." Sam kept moving and Dean realised he had one hand on his cock, tugging desperately. "Can't even come, Dean. So hard it hurts."

"Wait, wait, we'll get you someone. We'll fix this." Dean tried to sit up again and managed to wriggle away from Sam. He took Sam's face in his hands, trying to calm him. But he couldn't help but look at the flushed face, the dilated pupils and the hand still moving. The last thing he had had in his mind before falling asleep, had been the vision of Sam in the bathroom, hard and leaking, and it was branded on the insides of his eyelids. This was up there with the hardest things he had ever done, trying to stop this.

"It's the powder talking, Sam. Calm down and we'll fix it."

But Sam didn't stop. He pushed Dean back down on the mattress and ripped, fucking ripped, his boxers off, and straddled him. "Fuck no. This is me. Want now!" There was a new note to Sam's voice, harsh and demanding and there was no saying against it.

Sam's cock in his mouth was nothing he had expected but damn, it was worth the surprise. He shouldn't have let his guard down, but Sam saying stuff like that in a voice like that was a good excuse for being stunned. "Suck me," Sam hissed."

There was nothing to do for Dean but to open his mouth and let Sam in. Taste exploded on his tongue but there was no time for tasting, Sam began thrusting, shallow at first but then harder and Dean almost gagged. He grabbed Sam's hips to ease up the pressure and Sam stilled, cock halfway down Dean's throat, and Dean could feel the trembling in his thighs against his chest. Sam groaned, long and deep, and swivelled his hips. He looked down at Dean and smiled the dirtiest smile Dean had ever seen.

"Come on, put your fingers in my ass. I'm so wet you could just shove your cock right in there, don’t' have to wait," he said. "I tried, had to feel and I'm all swollen too. Gonna feel so good when you fuck me, Dean." And Dean could just shiver, breath hard through his nose, try to get enough air down and do what Sam said.

His fingers slipped in on the first push and Sam groaned again, cock leaving Dean's mouth as he pushed back on Dean's hand. "That's it, more, just a little…"The words tapered off in another groan and Dean had had it then. He thrust his fingers knuckle deep, holding Sam with the other hand, stopping him from bucking away, listening, revelling in the mewling sounds coming from Sam.  Pulling his fingers out, he grabbed Sam's hips again and pulled him down, held him still.

 "You done this before?" he asked, looking up into Sam's wild eyes. He had to ask because there was no holding back now. He had put such restraint on himself, forcing himself to not remember the dreams he had had about Sam for so long. And Sam was so beautiful, all long limbs shining with sweat, tussled hair and this wild, desperate look on his face. There was only so much a man could take before losing it. And lose it Dean did when his innocent, shy, correct, go to school and make a future little brother smiled that wetsilk smile and said "I like to take it up the ass. I need fucked, Dean."

On the first thrust in, Sam howled and Dean had to hold on to his hips so he wouldn't be bucked off. Sam pushed back, growling and probably saying things but Dean couldn’t hear. The blood rushed too fast in his veins and his pulse beat too hard. Dean dug his knees into the mattress for leverage and began thrusting hard and fast, just as Sam had said he wanted it.

"From behind, Dean, make me feel it. Make it better." And then he had kissed Dean like he had never been kissed before, teeth clashing and tongue fucking into his mouth, showing how Sam wanted it, as if it hadn't been enough with saying it. Dean kissed back, sucked on Sam's tongue like he had on his cock and never had a kiss tasted better. Not the ones flavoured with raspberry lip gloss or the ones tasting of himself when he had kissed the girl who had just sucked him off.

He pushed Sam off and when they got it straight, Sam on his hands and knees and Dean behind, he saw what had happened to Sam. It should be weird, but it wasn't. Sam's hole was swollen, red and glistening wet. Inviting. Screaming fuck me. Dean grabbed his hips and pushed in, hard. He spent a second thinking about how perfectly Sam's hips fit in his hands, how they were made for Dean to hold on to. But then Sam growled at him to get going and he had no choice but to obey.

It was over fast. Sam bucked and twisted under him, and all he had to do was hang on for the ride. There was no limit to the filth pouring from Sam and each and every word fuelled him on. Before he knew it Sam was coming, howling, begging Dean to come in him, shoot in him, fill him up. And that was another thing Dean couldn't handle, his prim little brother asking for that. He emptied himself in long hot pulses and he could feel Sam sucking him in, drawing the come from him and he thought he heard Sam sob before they collapsed on the bed.

They fell asleep still tangled. Dean could hear Sam sigh in contentment and he tightened his hold on Sam. Close was not close enough, Dean had to feel every breath he took, every heart beat, make sure that Sam was safe, was still there.

When Dean woke up again, the sun was setting. He should be annoyed that they had slept the day away but he couldn't be bothered. Not with Sam straddling him again, slowly stroking himself with one hand and Dean's awakening cock with the other. "Again, please," he whispered and ghosted his lips over Dean's chest. And who was Dean to say no? There was no rush, no frantic rutting that second time. Sam sank down on him, rocking slowly, making the small mewling noises again. This was good too, better maybe. Didn't matter when he had the chance to let his hands sweep over Sam, feel the soft skin on his stomach and quivering muscles there, feel the strain in his thighs when he pulled himself up and pushing back down. He could feel how Sam's pulse beat faster and faster when he let his fingertips taste the delicate skin on Sam's throat and all the time they kept looking at each other, held the contact with hands and eyes and hearts beating in sync. No howling, only soft sighs and his name on Sam's lips when Sam got what he needed.

Next time Dean woke up, he was cold, Sam wasn't in the bed anymore. He looked around and saw his brother standing by the window, staring out, but Dean doubted that he saw anything at all. He recognised the stiffness in Sam's back, how his shoulders seemed to sag at the same time as they were straight as planks. If a back could speak, Sam's would be speaking volumes and shouting.

You alright, Sam?" Dean's voice was hesitant, like he barely dared to ask.

"Yeah, I think it's over now. I'm not tingling anymore." Sam silenced for a moment and kept staring out the window. "But where does this put us? What we did before…We're brothers. I dunno… Do we hate each other now?" Just as Dean's, Sam's voice was small and hesitant and Dean could hear the questions even if Sam didn't speak them.

The rigid lines of Sam's shoulder got even stiffer when he waited for Dean to answer. Instead of saying anything, Dean got out off bed and stepped close, right up against Sam's back and pressed a kiss between his shoulder blades. He could feel Sam tremble lightly when he put his arms around Sam's waist, pulling him tight. It took a moment but then Sam relaxed and leaned back a little. "Are we still good?" Sam asked.

Dean hummed, and kissed his shoulders. "You're way too tense, man, you need to loosen up a little." He bit gently at Sam's neck. "Come back to bed and I'll help you with those knots too. And yeah, we're good. It's better to keep it in the family anyway."


angels3angels3 on March 26th, 2008 11:27 pm (UTC)
That was fucking hot. I'm surprised Sam didn't freak out more about how he jumped Dean. I loved the last paragraph, the visual makes me very happy.
Vesta: vmanbiggelois on March 27th, 2008 06:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Hm, maybe I should have let Sam go a little haywire there, but I had the feeling they would sort it anyway so why stir it up? :)
I'm quite happy with the last paragraph, it's so not me to schmoop out like that but it felt good.
johnnyjoshjohnnyjosh on March 26th, 2008 11:52 pm (UTC)
Mm, that was very hot, and it was sweet the way Dean just gave his answer with actions. That last line just slays me XD. Great job.
Vesta: vmanbiggelois on March 27th, 2008 06:10 pm (UTC)
Love teh icon!! Thank you. I'm glad you think it worked. Was nervous about being too schmoopy though, I'm not used to write sweet.