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30 March 2008 @ 07:08 pm
Do over Supernatural fic thingie  

Powder Residues 2.0
Pairing: Dean/Sam
This is the second version. I decided to re-write it after a few valid points being made. I'm not certain that this is better, it is however nicer. Schmoop, seriously.
Unbetad. Mind your eyes and beware of grammatical horrors.

"I can't believe you fucking did that". Dean slammed the door behind him. New town, new motel room, same shit as always. At the moment he was too occupied by being angry as hell to notice though. But he had seen the looks the guy at the desk had given them, the 'know what you gonna do' glare, and that had pissed him off even more. Because the guy was right; they were going to fuck like rabbits, Dean and his little brother. The ignorant, oops I forgot bastard.

"I said I'm sorry. Ok? How many times do I have to apologize? I know, I shouldn't have kept the hanky, I should have burned it first thing. But it's not my fault that you go grab stuff from my bag and wipe yourself in the face with a sex drug. And there have been some other things on my mind these last few days." Sam fell silent, glaring at Dean who glared back.

"So this is my fault then?" Dean crossed his arms over his chest, keeping his eyes locked with Sam's.

"No! Damn it, it's not your fault either. Come on, accident, mishap, whatever! You need to shower though, I don't think you got all of it off," Sam said when he noticed how Dean was tugging at his shirt and trying to rub his palms at the same time."Has it begun? The tingling?"

Dean nodded. "I'm hot, and I'm sorta itching." He put up his hands to stop Sam from putting arms around him. "No hugging, ok? Don't want you to get smeared again."

"It's not that bad really, "Sam said."I mean, we've been through this once already and we know how to fix it and we know it's not lethal." He smiled a little, "It's not like we wouldn't have been doing stuff anyway."

Dean rubbed his hands and frowned at Sam. He had to tell him now, before it got worse, he needed Sam to know, so Sam could easy on him. He cleared his throat, "I gotta tell you..."

"Tell me what?"

Dean took a deep breath and spitted out, "I've never been fucked."

Sam stared at him, "Never? You have to be kidding me. You've fucked your way across the country and never…? Really?" Sam sounded incredulous.

"Yeah, yeah, hard to believe, ain't it? But that's how it is. And to be honest," Dean twisted his hands together, "it scares me." He wasn't sure if he should tell the rest of the story, about what he had seen that time way back when, which had made him promise himself to never have anyone near his behind, ever. But it was probably better to save that for after, if Sam got to know too much he might freak out and then Dean would be left to dry all on his own.

"Oh…You still want to…I mean, I can try to find a way to stop it, I've been doing some research and maybe…"

"Knock it off! There's only one way to stop it and you know that." Dean huffed in frustration. "I just never thought that my first time would be like this. Just…just go easy on me."

Sam nodded. "One hell of a way for a first time. But I hear you, I'll be careful. You better shower though, you've had it on longer than I did and you know how I got."

The shower didn't help. Dean was still hot when he got out, the tingles spreading in him, centring in the middle, making his body slowburn with need, making ready. He got out and threw himself on the bed and leaned against the headboard. He hadn't bothered to put clothes on, he couldn't fit his cock into a pair of boxers anyway by now. And the clothes would probably just be ruined by the fluid seeping from him. The drug had taken a firm hold of his body, and it was slowly affecting his head too. Not much felt important but the need of being filled. It was like he had said, scary, no one had ever gotten close to his ass and now he had no choice but to let it happen. He was silently grateful that Sam would be doing the honours. The thought of being like this and not having Sam around was downright awful.

The bed dipped when Sam lay down beside him, putting a hand on his belly, stroking gently. "You ok?"

"Yeah…no. Sam, have you done it before? I mean…been on top?" Dean felt his cheeks heat up, they hadn't been shy with each other for years, and after the last week they had no secrets at all to keep. But there still was the issue with Dean being scared, he needed to know that Sam knew what he was doing.

Sam snorted. "Dude, I've been fucking guys since I was fourteen, you just never noticed, you were chasing skirts instead. And I've been watching you, you know. With girls and guys, in your car, back alleys, wherever, so you can say I've picked things up" He nudged Dean in the ribs and added, "I've learned from the best."

The nudge did it, calmed Dean down. Silly gesture but it was so Sam to do a silly thing like that and the silliness turned the world right again. He didn't have to worry, not about that anyway. The main issue now was to get Sam naked but that was such a sweet problem to worry about, and even sweeter to solve. And the thought of being taken had somehow gone from absolutely not to come on and do it.

 Dean leaned over and kissed Sam, hard, like Sam had kissed him when they had fucked the first time, with teeth clashing and fucking his tongue into Sam's mouth. He let go of Sam to tug at his shirt, "I think we better get it over with. Why are you still wearing clothes?" He pressed close against Sam's side, rubbing against rough denim, "Get these off."

Sam sat up and pulled of shirt and jeans. "You're bossy, you know that?" he groused when he balanced on his knees and tried to get his jeans off without toppling over. Dean didn't answer, he was busy looking at Sam, feeling the heat pool even thicker in him, buzzing through his veins. "I think…it's time now," he finally gritted out. "I need…"

It wasn't so bad, after all. It was actually fantastic. Sam had taken his sweet time, in spite of Dean urging him on, telling him to hurry up. Before Sam had gotten his boxers off, Dean had snapped and pushed him down on the bed, ready to mount up and ride, but Sam had stopped him, used his being taller to pin Dean down and work him over until Dean was practically howling for Sam to get in there and fucking do it. Not until then had Sam slowly slid inside, still holding Dean down, not letting him move and twist, but just lie there and take it.

It didn't hurt like he had expected. Sam had been thorough, with fingers and tongue, opening Dean even if it wasn't really needed, all wet and swollen as he already was from the rodbets. It had been explosive when Sam touched his sweetspot the first time, and Sam had chuckled when Dean cursed. "You could scare a sailor, swearing like that," he had said and taken Dean's cock between his lips, suckling gently on the head, distracting Dean from the three fingers he was pushing in.

When Sam finally, finally settled between Dean's legs, one hand pinning Dean's to the bed over his head, the other between them steering himself straight, Dean was on the verge of tears of frustration. The slight burn when he was stretched open to the limit barely registered, the feeling of fullness taking over, erasing the slight discomfort. When Sam began moving, long and slow, he yanked his hands free, grabbed at what he could, Sam's back, hair, kissing again, and he could not for his life recognise the sounds that were coming from him.

Sam pumped harder into him, holding Dean's hips in grip hard enough to bruise, tilting him up to meet his thrusts, grazing his prostate with every stroke and that was that; Dean felt him coming, flooding his insides and he couldn't hold back, his body tensing in a bone cracking spasm when he emptied himself between them.

The tingling was gone and he felt almost normal again. Back on the road, the steering wheel was smooth under his hands and Sam was asleep beside him. Normal. Almost. Dean didn't regret what had happened the night before, strangely enough. Sam had been good, and as it went for cherry popping, it had been very good even if the circumstances had been weird.

Dean noticed a spot on the dash board and pulled out the handkerchief he had in his pocket. He shook it out and sneezed when a greenish looking dust spread in the coupe…

The End?

angels3angels3 on March 30th, 2008 07:29 pm (UTC)
You called a Dean do over *snorts*

I like this sequence of events better it seems to fit Sam better. I liked the other one as well it was just so not Sam, well I guess if he'd been possessed it would be like Sam but anyway.

I think both stories were excellent and they both had differing merits that I loved.
Vesta: vmanbiggelois on March 30th, 2008 08:51 pm (UTC)
Do overs are brilliant. Always works to call one. I got Sam more like Sam here, but nasty Sam was more fun to write actually.
Good to hear that you think both versions worked though. I got the notion from another direction that nr 1 didn't, too non-connish.
angels3angels3 on March 30th, 2008 09:29 pm (UTC)
I think it was probably because it was Dean's first time that it made it seem non-connish. If he'd been a bottom before it probably wouldn't have bothered some as much.
Vesta: vmanbiggelois on March 31st, 2008 06:41 pm (UTC)
You're prolly right. It wasn't a nice first time really. But the young lady with the issues kept a very civil tone when she commented and she got very happy over the re-written version. I aim to please :)