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03 April 2008 @ 06:36 pm
Weird SPN ficlet  

Instead of writing Uni papers and answering nice mails and comments, I did this. Could be that I feel I tad stressed and needed to blow some steam. Let's put the blame on stress.

Hot as Hell
Ubetad. Mind your eyes and beware of grammatical horrors.

It had to be fever. Dean could feel the heat course through him, make his blood boil and his world go grey at the edges. His legs refused to hold him up and when Sam gently pushed him toward the bed, he obeyed without a word. He had felt queasy for a couple of days, but nothing serious, not until today. He had almost driven off the road when the first shivers had hit him, and now he was trembling all over. And the damn heat. He pulled at his shirt, tried to get it off but couldn't, not until Sam helped him down on the bed and pulled it over his head.
His vision must have gone weird because he thought that Sam's eyes were yellow.

He didn't know where they were, had just stopped at the next motel they passed, Sam had fixed the room and helped him inside. The sheets were clean, crispy and he thought that it couldn't be such a dump after all. Not with the sheets scratching his skin like that. He tried to move his arms, pull the covers up, but they refused to move, lay limp on his belly where Sam had put them. He was cold now, cold and hot and shivering. Shivering so bad that the bed was shaking, or if it was just him shaking, he couldn't tell. Sam looked down on him, his face swimming into view, a worried frown between his eyebrows. He held a bottle of water against Dean's lips, forced him to swallow even if the water tasted bitter. The light must have struck funny because Sam's eyes looked yellow.

He didn't want to be naked, it was too cold and the sheets hurt him. But Sam had undressed him, taken everything off, and Dean could still not move, get his clothes back on, pull the covers up. He really didn't want to be naked, felt too vulnerable. Couldn't be just the fever, he had a twisting feeling in his gut, stabbing, something was wrong. Sweat trickled down his face and he couldn't wipe it off, tried again but his arms lay where they were. Over his head now, Sam had turned him over. He didn't want that either but the words wouldn't come and he couldn't say no and when Sam had leaned over him, his eyes had been yellow.

Still shivering, the hot was back, his skin on fire, one hell of a fever. Cool spread over his back, his legs, down and he felt a pang of relief before hot was back, pressing against him. He tried to turn his head, see what Sam was doing but he still couldn't. His hips were tilted up and something soft was pushed under him, cool for a second but hot in an instant. Dean had too much hot in him and it had to spread, the fluid on his skin felt like it was sizzling off of him and he thought he could see wisps of smoke around the bed. No wonder he felt hot then, if there was a fire going on. His head was turned to the side, away from the pillow, and he could breathe freely again. He wanted to tell Sam that he didn't want to lay like this, with his ass in the air. He caught a glimpse of Sam's face and his eyes were yellow, shining like cat's eyes in the dark.

The hard pressure on him didn't ease up, the pain didn't stop. He forced himself to whine, and his throat felt like it had been torn open when the sound made its way out. Sam's hand on his neck was gentle, stroking, soothing but the pain didn't stop, nothing stopped and the pressure moved from on him to in him and if his throat hadn't been already bleeding he would have screamed.
Fingers, nails, raked down his spine, peeled his burning skin off. He could hear the slapping of skin on skin and roaring that was Sam's breath in his ear. Sam was so very, very hot, burning him even more, setting him on fire and he could see the wisps of smoke now, not only guess but there was something being eaten by flames, not just him. Sam was so hot inside him, thrusting a white-hot spear inside him but it wasn't a spear it was Sam doing this. Sam hurting him and ripping his skin off in stripes. He didn't have to see to know that Sam's eyes were yellow.

"I bought your contract." Sam's breath burned his ear but it didn't matter, he was nothing but a smouldering piece of wood now anyway. Not even the icy cold gush when Sam came inside him had helped cool him down, not even though it froze his insides to brittle ice that shattered a little more with every painful heart beat. "I bought your contract," Sam said again, gently stroking his hands down Dean's bruised back. "You'll never go to hell now, they can't come for you."

Dean looked into Sam's yellow eyes and wondered at their strange beauty. Sam was right, he wouldn't go to hell, he was already there.


Veronica Richveronica_rich on April 4th, 2008 05:07 am (UTC)
My sister has written a couple of SPN fics - her name is dahlianna if you want to look.
Vestabiggelois on April 4th, 2008 02:51 pm (UTC)
Oh absolutely. Thanks for the heads up