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22 April 2008 @ 12:17 am
Finished and rewritten; The morning after  

Title: One side of a morning
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: 18+
Category: PWP, schmoop
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't own, don't sue.
Feedback: Yes, please
Summary: The morning after the night before...
Notes: Unbetad. Mind your eyes and beware of grammatical horrors. Also written in 2nd person. I'm not so sure it works, comments are appreciated.
Follow up/sequel/whatever to 'Where have you been? In the middle of the night, In the Wee Hours and Control Freak.


To wake up next to someone isn't anything you're used to. Sure, you have shared bed space with Sam a million times before but not like this. Whenever you've been out for the night and stayed over, you've made sure to be up and out before dawn, not to sleep too close even if your bed partner have wanted to cuddle. Cuddling has never been your gig, not until now.

Funny, really, how good it feels to have a Sam blanket. You already know that little brother is a bed hog, that has been established for a long time, but to have all that body draped over you is all of a sudden not irritating at all. You yawn and try to stretch but that isn't easy with Sam tightening his hold on you when you move.

You relax back into bed and feel the aches in your body. There is a slight pinch in your thighs, your shoulders are stiff and your ass is making itself noticed by throbbing lightly. You smile, 'cause these are all the results of a good night's work out.

You look at the tousled head resting on your shoulder and smile again. Who would have thought that little brother was such a bull? You're going to have bruises on your hips for days after the grip Sam had on you last night. No wonder Sam doesn't hook up that often, ladies who would put up with that aren't easy to find. Not to mention the size Sam is packing. You've seen him naked before this began, seen him hard, even seen him fuck a girl once and you knew how big he is. But it got so much bigger close up. Huge. You feel the now familiar tingle buzz through your belly at the thought; how not even four fingers had been enough to open you, how it had burned when he slid inside and managed to rub every spot in the right way just by being so big. Whoever said that quality came before quantity didn't know shit and had definitely never met anyone the size of little brother.

You wince a little at the soreness when you experimentally clench your ass. Yeah, you will feel this, feel Sam, for the next few days. A thought hits you and you frown, the two of you so have to make a who fucks who schedule because there is no way you can handle taking that up the ass ever night, would have you crippled within the week. Which is a crying shame, considering how good it had felt. But on the other hand; Sam hadn't seemed to suffer too badly either the other night, if you thought back on the way he had howled and how hard he had come on your cock. And that was just the first time you had done it. There will be many more to come, when you'll get the opportunity to convince Sam about the benefits of having you fuck him.

Or will there be more times? You frown again. The situation is seriously screwed up, in the normal world you would be freaks, but then again, you figure you already are in all ways possible. What bothers you though is that you haven't talked yet, and Sam is all about talking, so the nagging thought of wrong is present. But if you counted the thing in the car, when Sam made you totally lose it and break every speed limit in world history to get to a motel fast enough, you had been talking, but not the long term talk, like relationships. You shudder at the word, relationships aren't your gig either. But then again, again, Sam has so far not shown any signs of freaking out, he is his normal self with a twist, and think of the twisting he did last night…

You wriggle a little, trying to get your rapidly hardening cock free from where it's squeezed between your belly and Sam's thigh. And you have to sober up, not think about last night because that doesn't do anything to help calm you down. Not even when you think about the harsh fact that you have spent the last nights in bed with your brother, which have been the best sex you've had in like forever, that it's illegal and that it will make society shun you like the plague, helps. You sigh, all the thoughts have done is to make you even harder, when you think about how Sam grabbed you and how he bit your shoulder when he came deep inside. You can almost feel the rush of heat, hear the moan Sam had let out, the long, low moan that had made you come again, you already spent cock trying to harden again. But you can't let the thought go, you want so badly, want Sam and the biggest scare is if Sam should freak and leave you behind.

"I can hear you think, that can't be good." Sam's voice in your ear makes you jump.

"For fuck's sake!"

Sam chuckles and buries his face against your neck again. "Good morning to you too," he says and licks your ear.

You don't know what to say, so what comes out is "Asshole." But Sam just relaxes against you again, pressing closer and you can feel how hard he is too.  You wait for the reflex to up and run but it doesn't come, instead you find yourself pulling Sam even closer, holding him tighter. That turns out to be both good and bad, Sam's solid body against yours sparks more tingles, makes you harder. The bad is that you really need to piss and you can't get up, tangled arms and legs with Sam as you are. And to make matters worse, Sam slides his leg further up your thighs and belly, rubbing over your cock, trapping it again, pressing himself against you, slowly rolling his hips. You feel wetness on your leg, and you really want to turn over, Sam on his back, so you can rub properly against him but your bladder is screaming.

There is no denying the hotness of it, having Sam hump your leg like that. It only shows, perhaps more than words can, that Sam is ok with it, and if Sam is ok, you are. Except for the bladder problem. You wrestle yourself free and bolt for the bathroom. You can hear the concern in Sam's voice when he shouts after you, "What's wrong, what's the matter?" And that also makes you feel better, there is nothing to fret about if Sam doesn't want you leave the bed.

You groan in relief when you finally manage to piss. Trying to relieve one self with a hard on is never funny. Déjà vu hits you when you step out from the bathroom. Sam is still in bed, still naked because you personally ripped his boxers off last night and just like that first time he's spread out with his cock in his hand.

Sam opens his eyes on half mast and smiles lazily at you. "You gonna stand there for long?" The tip of his tongue glides over his lower lip and yeah, you can stand there for the rest of the day and just watch. You lean back against the wall and take yourself in hand, you're hard again and just as Sam you're beginning to leak a little. Makes the glide of your hand smoother. You mirror what Sam is doing and the smile grows wider and morphs into the innocent shy boy smile that makes you want to suck Sam's lips like you would a piece of candy.

You stand there, stroking yourself slowly, watching. But you can hold it only so long and when Sam licks his palm with long wet licks and wraps his hand back and begins to really stroke, groaning softly at every move, pushing his hips up, fucking his hand, you snap. That seems to be happening a lot nowadays, but it doesn't matter.

What you really want to do is to pounce, flip Sam over on his knees and ram inside, but you don't. Instead you crawl up the bed, up Sam's body, taking your time like you haven't these last days. It's amazing how sensitive he is, the lightest touch has him squirming the noises he makes when you suck on that spot on his hip, just short of where his hand is still moving send a new set of sparks through you. There is no way you can ever live without this now. You lick over his fingers, touching your tongue where you can reach and his breath stutters out, his ass lifts off the bed.

His quick breathing tells you that he is getting close, and you take his hands, pin them to the bed. He looks at you and the need in his eyes makes your body slowburn again, not the wild fire that raged before but hotter, deeper. Sam chokes back a shout when you slowly let your tongue slide from root to tip on his swollen cock. It won't take much to set him off but you want this to last so you sit up and put his hands above his head, telling him to keep them there. Sam grips the pillow, anchors himself.

Still slow, soft, you move down his body, licking his collarbone and the mewl he lets out is so sweet. He groans, deep, harsh, tilts his head to give you more access when you suck a bruise just below his Adam's apple, marking him.

The noises grow louder when you kiss his belly, dips tongue into bellybutton, so very close to his dick but not touching, not yet. Sam hitches his hips up again, trying to reach you, trying to get friction. But you won't let him, this time you're determined to drink him down. You have to hold him down, lying across his legs, keeping him on the mattress and not squirming away. There is a bang from the other side of the wall and you hear the neighbour's shout of 'keep it the fuck down'  but you don't care 'cause Sam is whining, growling and saying Dean and pleasepleaseplease and you bask in the sounds, enjoying your cruelty of not letting him come until you can't resist anymore.

It's a good thing you are holding him down, the twist of his hips when you close your lips over the head of his cock lifts you clean off the mattress, he's trying to push further in, get you to suck harder but you are still enjoying that cruelty of keeping him on the edge and pulls off, just licks the head, stroking the flat of your tongue over it again and again. He is making an endless litany of sounds now, not many words beside your name and you hear the pillow case rip when he can't control the way his arms jerk, but he still keeps his hands there, just because you said so.

It doesn't take long before you feel his cock swell more, becoming so hard and huge you can barely fit your mouth around it. But you manage in time, the first spurt hits the roof of your mouth and then you have him inside enough to really feel him come, taste him. He's singing your name again and again, the neighbour bangs the wall again and you are so hard, so there yourself that you almost spill on the sheet under you.

The tiny whimper tells the end of the song and he winces when you lick his over sensitized cock one more time before crawling up to kiss him. The lube is where you left it on the night stand and it's a moment's work to slick yourself up while you keep kissing Sam. He folds and bends to your slightest touch, rolling onto his side so you can spoon behind him. He whimpers again when you slide your fingers inside him, but the way he pushes back at your hand shows it's alright.

You can't wait any longer, you nudge his leg up and slide inside. Pressed against his broad back, arms wrapped around him, you can feel his heart beat, feel him breath, it's so beautiful it's almost killing you and the pleasure of being inside him, having him like this forces  a sob from you. Sam hears it, his hand lands on your hip, pulling you closer. When you come, it's not hot and hard and fast. It rolls trough you, never ends and leaves you without breath or thought.


angels3angels3 on April 22nd, 2008 01:28 am (UTC)
I thought I had left feedback on this one but I don't see it so I'm going to do it again.

I loved the inner tumoil even when Dean knows this is what he wants. Sam scaring the shit out of him was funny as was the quick run to the bathroom.

Loved it.
Vesta: vmanbiggelois on April 22nd, 2008 08:18 am (UTC)
Yeah, you did.But I rwrote in 2nd person so it doesn't look the same. Not that I'm complaining about double feedback :)
Glad you think it worked.I felt that there had to be some kind of settle down to it, finally, not just the fornication. And I'm a sucker for schmoop, even if I don't tell people that :)
eden77 on April 29th, 2008 07:28 am (UTC)
I agree with every word that angela3 wrote! :)
Vesta: vmanbiggelois on April 29th, 2008 07:46 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much! Agreement is a good thing sometimes :)
bonbonschnecke: Officeromancebonbonschnecke on May 8th, 2008 06:19 pm (UTC)
Oh hunny this is fantastic written porn!!! I hope you have more????
Vesta: vmanbiggelois on May 10th, 2008 06:39 pm (UTC)
I am still blushing! Thanks again, muchos. To be honest, I am a little pleased with myself that I managed to pull it off like this. I'm glad you liked.
I do have one other piece cooking, written in the same style. RL has taken a choke hold on me though so I'm short of time. But I'll get to it, promise!