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06 December 2004 @ 09:35 pm
Covet 4  
My foul mood struck me. So, I give you Covet 4. Commodore Norrington makes a visit.

Titel: Covet 4
Author: Vesta
Rating: R
Pairing: Norrington/Turner
Disclaimers: I don't own them, I don't own anything. And I never, ever make any money

Author's note: I'm not even pretending to be aiming for 500 words this time. This is unbetaed. Mind you eyes and beware of grammatical horrors.


"Then must you speak
Of one that lov'd not wisely, but too well"
William Shakespeare


He knocked before he could stop himself. And before he could turn and walk away, the door opened and Will Turner stood in the doorway. James just stared at him, and Turner stared back. Without a word he stepped aside to let James in.

Just inside the door, James's legs refused to work anymore. His brain had already short circuited. Otherwise he wouldn't have been knocking in the first place. He had no idea what had brought him here. Or he had, really. But it was hard to put it into words and admit to himself what he really wanted, hoped for. Turner's curious glances, they were the reason. Without the looks he wouldn't have had any hope. Or dreams to feed. So here he was, tongue numb, staring at Turner, who just quirked an eyebrow at him.

"So, Commodore, what can I do for you…" Turner glanced over his shoulder at the clock on the wall, "twenty minutes to midnight? I though honourable men were asleep at this time of the night. In their wives beds."

James's tongue still didn't work and he couldn't manage a word. He certainly didn't know what to say either. Turner tapped his foot and made a humming noise of impatience deep in his throat. It went straight to James's cock. If he hadn't worn the tight fitting uniform trousers, little Commodore would have slapped his belly, so fast did he get hard. Shamefully hard. He could only hope that Turner didn't see it.

But of course he did. James wanted to sink through the ground when the eyebrow went up again and the haunting gaze went down below to his midriff. "Cat got your tongue, Commodore? Or have your...abilities just travelled south?"

James did an attempt to hide his crotch from Turner by twisting to the side and reaching for the door but failed completely when Will spoke again. "I think I know, though. You have been looking at me, haven't you, Commodore?"

Said Commodore shook his head frantically. He didn't look. Turner was the one looking, right? But he couldn't get his arguments out in time.

"And this," Will had come close enough to cut off James's way to escape without him noticing it. He had been too occupied hiding the embarrassing bulge in his trousers. The bulge which Turner now stroked his finger over.

"This tells me you want something," Will continued. "I've heard what you *strong men of the fleet* do to each other below deck." A small chuckle followed the words. "And Captain Jack showed me a couple of good pirate tricks."

Will chuckled again when James made a stressed sound. His tongue was still on strike and he couldn't for his life make it work. Especially when a fleeting image of the loud captain entwined with Will, doing *things*, made his cock jump. Straight into Turner's palm.

"So you like the thought? So do I. And I liked the things he did to me." Will cupped his hand around James's balls, firmly. "But you chased him away. First you took Elisabeth. That hurt, but not that much." The grip tightened a little. James winced, it started to get a little painful. But what did Will mean? Didn't Elisabeth matter to him? His thoughts were interrupted by Will's thumb stroking the base of his cock. This time he whimpered.

"But then Jack went away, because of you. And that hurt. Much more. You see Commodore, I really am a sodomist. And Jack showed me the ways. The good ways. He helped me get over my doubts. And you…," the grip tightened again, "took him away. I think I love him. And you took him away from me. Just like you did with Elisabeth."

Will had managed to push James up against the wall. His face was just a mere inch from James's, which provided a very good look at the almost black eyes. James had never seen them quiet that that nuance before. It was, to his utter astonishment, even more arousing to see Will like this. Which it shouldn't. Not like this, with Will hissing bitterly in his ear, and with a grip that was just this side of unbearable. One little twist of his hand and James would be screaming, either from pain or orgasm.

"What did you expect when you came here tonight? Why did you come? I've seen your looks, Commodore. Did you expect me to drop my pants and let you cornhole me? Let you have me bent over the table? Isn't Elisabeth giving you enough? Or can't you manage with a woman?"

The scornful remark was followed by a vicious twist and this time James really shouted. He couldn't hold back anymore. It was too much. Will's hard hand, the smell of man and sweat...
Even the pain, because he deserved it, being such a slut. Wanting Turner, prepared to give him whatever he wanted. And if it was James, degraded, almost crying from the ache in his groin, that was what Turner would get. He felt it rise like the tide. And then he came, in his trousers like a boy. Without any other touch than that of Turner's hand on his balls.

James's knees finally gave up and buckled under him. He didn't think anything, it was just right to press his face into Will's groin and rub his cheek against the hardness he felt there. Will's groan sent a shiver through him and he knew, just knew, that this would never stop.

He didn't know, or care, about how the pants disappeared and Will's cock ended up in his mouth. It was bigger than he had thought, and it tasted strange. Bitter, salty. All Will. And he loved it. James moaned, answering Will's breathless one. Suddenly hands gripped his ears, pushing his wig askew, holding him still. Turner pulled his cock almost out of James's mouth, and he tried to move after it. He felt his limp organ twitch in a valiant attempt to get hard again, when Will began to slowly thrust his hips.

He couldn't move, squeezed as he was between the wall and Will. There was no other thing to do, than to try to breathe when Will pulled out, and curl his tongue when he pushed in again. It didn't take long before his mouth was filled with warm, salty fluid. As sudden as it had started, it stopped. James kept suckling on the softening cock, until Will shuddered and withdrew.

Still on his knees, trying to gather enough strength to get up, James felt Will look at him. It burned him, made him feel even lower. He didn't know what to do, or to say, now when the heat had turned into a sticky mess. With slow movements, like the ones of an old man, James got to his feet. Will had done up his trousers again and looked like nothing had happened, except for the fading blush on his cheeks.

"Go home to your wife, Commodore. We're done here." There was bitterness in his voice. It spilled over on James. He wanted more that this. A word, a soft kiss, anything.

But he was, after all, a man of the fleet. And such men didn't plead. James straightened up the best he could, yanked the door open and stepped outside without a backward glance. He wouldn't give Turner that, to behave like a lovesick maiden. The door closed behind him. He stood for moment, trying to gather his bearings again. The wet spot in his uniform trousers was clinging uncomfortably to his still half hard member. Turner had humiliated him, hurt him. And still…

The town bell stroke midnight. Twenty minutes had passed. Twenty minutes since he had stepped inside and embraced his downfall without speaking a word. He walked to the end of the small alley. There he stopped and finally looked back at Will's house. Dark. No lights. What had he expected? Will standing in the door, waiting for him to come back? Not likely. He could tell when someone really did not like him.

But with a horrifying certainty James knew he would be back. Begging and grovelling if necessary. This had only helped to fuel the warped fire that burned him. Because it was, truly, never enough.

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Vesta: Maul1biggelois on December 10th, 2004 12:46 pm (UTC)
Oh, it's burning, baby. Don't worry, he'll get it some more. I have big plans...*looks around desperately* But where's my time?