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30 May 2011 @ 06:05 pm
List of my writings.  
I have, believe it or not, written quite a few fics during the years. It all began back in the day with Star Wars The Phantom Menace, then Pirates of the Caribbean and finally Supernatural. I had one extremely short foray into Potterdom as well but that one is not to be spoken about. Ever!

Anyhow, I decided to make a
Master Fic List.

Some of my Supernatural fics can also be found here at AO3

These fics are all about the Boys. Sam'n'Dean.


Late Nights: A series dealing with Dean's late night bar rounds and how they affect Sam and the result of that. NC-17. This is my very first attempt at writing SPN-fic.

Where have you been?

In the middle of the night.

In the wee hours.

Control Freak.

One side of a morning.

That Time: Dean and Sam have some issues that have to be dealt with. NC-17.

The last time Sam'n'Dean picked up a girl
She was small, tiny almost. She had blonde pigtails and she made Sam's breath hitch when he saw her.

Bathroom Revelations; The time Sam'n'Dean didn't pick up a girl. Dean's POV
This is Dean's POV. The following is from Sam's POV and begins in the middle of this one. Complicated? Not at all.

Bathroom Revelations; The time Sam'n'Dean didn't pick up a girl. Sam's POV
Sam's POV. Overlaps Dean's POV from the middle and continues from there to the sweaty end.

That spot!
This is a moment in time that takes place after the last part of Bathroom Revelations.

Mary Sue and The Boys in various constellations.NC-17

The things Mary Sue accidentally saw when she was so not snooping.
The guy that walked in was no dirt bag. Dirty, yes, he had black streaks on is face and was covered in dust. There was a bruise forming on his cheek and he limped a little.

What Mary Sue did that time the air-conditioning broke
What stepped in through the door almost knocked her off her feet. Six foot something, broad shoulders and good god, green eyes. Mary Sue just stared, this was so not one of the regular boys.

Mary Sue; The Aftermath
This is basically original fic, but it's based on my Mary Sue who had the broken air-conditioner.

Powder. Sam has managed to annoy a witch and gets dusted with a weird powder. It has certain 'effects' on the body.NC-17

Powder, part one

Powder, part two

Powder Residues

Powder Residues 2.0

Two part fic NC-17

Backroad Dirt
Sam gets frustrated once in a while and needs to blow some steam. Dean knows exactly how to handle it.

Roadside Blues.
Companionpiece to Backroad Dirt. Dean gets even.

One-shots NC-17

Old Sins
He sat on the low railing by the boardwalk when Dean left the bar. Brown hair, bangs falling in his eyes, pushed away by flicks of his hand or a twist of his head. 

Good Things
Sam is drunk off his ass and there is something he needs to remember.

The Feminist Bandwagon
Sam has gotten his hands on a very special book. Dean is subjected to the things Sam has learned from it.

A day at the Headquarters.
Crossover with X-files. Dean is at the FBI Headquarters to get his certificate as Specialised Bottom sorted.

Hot as Hell
It had to be fever. Dean could feel the heat course through him, make his blood boil and his world go grey at the edges.

Dreams are made of these
Dreams reveal your innermost thoughts and wants, or so it is said at least. Dean has a weird one. Or does he?

Two Minutes
Sam's back at square one again. Dean came and got him and there is no getting away this time. There is definitely no forgetting. Two minutes, two goddamn minutes at the time, that's all he needs. To get his breath back, to try to stay sane.

It always rains in Prague, G
The rooms are emtpy, the car is empty. The only constant is the rain. Too many Tuesdays and one neverending Wednesday.

Freakin' poetic is what it is.
There are different ways of solving arguments and mending hurts. Dean and Sam have their own way of dealing and their own way of saying "I'm sorry".

The Under-verse
A series of drabbles, 100 to 250 words long. John/Dean/Sam. R for for creepiness, otherwise G.

Bitter Sweet
In the Beginning

Pirates of the Caribbean.
They are all set at the time of the Curse of the Black Pearl.


The long way around NC-17
A few glimpses of what happened on the way to Tortuga.

One Night, NC-17
Jack, Will and a room at the Inn.

Norrington/Will with a side of Jack. PG-13 to NC-17. This is the WIP that never will be done. On the other hand, who knows?

Covet part one
Commodore James Norrington lived to fulfil his duty. It was printed into his very bones.

Covet part two
James sat in his study. Yet another miserable Wednesday had been endured, and the usual tears had been shed.

Covet part three
He was everywhere. James felt a slight sting of panic creep under his skin.

Covet part four
He knocked before he could stop himself. And before he could turn and walk away, the door opened and Will Turner stood in the doorway.

Covet part five
One week, the longest in his life. He had barely slept. Instead he had spent the nights reliving the moment with Will Turner.

Covet 5.5. To have and not to have
"I knew you had steel in ye, luv. But I never thought of ye to be cruel."

It wasn't much these days that could throw Will Turner off his feet, but that voice did.

Covet Interlude
The first gentle rays of dawn caressed the night away from the rooftops of Port Royal.

Covet part six
Carefully. That was the word of the day, and would be for the coming ones as well if Commodore Norrington should judge from the sore stretching ache in his behind.

Original writing
These here are my very own creations without borrowed goods. A few, short texts with the only thing in common that I've written them when I've been stressed or felt really evil. Not much nice about them at all.

This came into being autumn of -09. I was about to get back to University, money was low. In short; I felt trapped.Like a rat in a tunnel.

The Tunnels are terrible, dark and deep...

The Last Dawn
In the Dark
In the Cold
The Last Night

100-word drabbles

I shot a man in Reno...
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