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23 December 2011 @ 06:36 am
Save me, Barry!  
So. I got me a new icon. Hoodie!Simon! nrrrdy_grrrl , thank you so much! Now I have something proper to put up whenever I feel the need to write "Save me, Barry!"

Looks like all my shows are done for the year.

Supernatural went out with a bang and daughter cried when she realised what was going on. I still think the angel/leviathan/ûbermysterious arc is a bit silly but man! do I still enoy it. I'm going to miss Bobby though. Unless of course, they have him bounce back. Wouldn't surprise me, really, if they do.

Vampire Diaries. Njaaa. I understand they had to wrap it up before the hols but they did so in a very clumsy way. It feels like they skipped an episode or two. And I really don't like Wuss!Damon. Whre's my badass? I'm going to rewatch the earlier episode for my fix.

I've watched both Glee and Once Upon a Time with daughter. Glee has lost it. OUaT is outright bad. I've tried to find something redeeming about it but I can't. Sorry. Daughter loves them though so I sit there on the couch with her.

Grimm is also a so/so. Better than OUaT though. If you don't count the episode about the hexenbees. That one was so bad I'm lacking words.

American Horror Story turned out to be very confusing but also very good. Creepy. I do wonder if this was all of it, 12 episodes, or if they are planning something else after New Year's. Jessica Lange is amazing.

Last but not least: Misfits. This season has lacked the edge from the two first ones. I really, really dislike the new guy. But, thank goodness, there is always Kelly. I still can't understand her but that doesn't matter. If there ever was a badass, that's Kelly. 
I guess they are up for season 4, what with the ending. Somin has it coming now. I do wonder if he's stuck in a loop of some kind.
Son and I have argued immensely over this season. He likes it all over. What we could agree on was Kelly. "Foocking nazis!". And also on our mutual dislike for the new guy. I think he's plain stupid. Son got embarrassed due to all the talk about shagging.

After New Year's: Game of Thrones. Yay! Looks like I have to wait until April though. Will be interesting to see if I still like it when Sean Bean is out. I bet I will. Swords, dragons, bloody fights, deceit,  monsters lurking in the cold...Yep, the prognosis for me liking it is good.

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