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05 January 2012 @ 09:32 am
Shallow, anyone? Barry?  
Today it's time to get my shallow on again. I'm taking son to see Sherlock Holmes. Daughter and her friends are going to see Twilight. I can foresee lots and lots of screaming and crying afterwards. One friend is coming home with us to spend the night. Imagine the shrieks that will echo through my house.

But I'm going to watch this:


Heheheeee! I think it's the gloves, and the cane, that does it. I know, I know, shallow. Getting stuck on the obvious. But damn! It also helps that Jude Law is a fine looking specimen of a man (another obvious) One can say that there is a slight difference in cool between Dr. Watson and whathisface Sparkly!Vampire.

I tried out Sherlock the TV-series. I lasted for about 15 minutes and then I had to turn it off. Sherlock himself gave me such twinges of annoyance from the very beginning, I couldn't stand it.

I've been looking for Holmes fanfics. Why are 'they' woobifying both Holmes and Watson? 9 out of 10 fics had either of them crying or breaking down. Why? Until I figure that one out, I'm staying the heck away from all and any fiction.

Speaking of Robert Downey Jr; I saw Tropic Thunder the other day. That film has so many wrongs I don't know where to begin. I love it. Seriously. It's brilliant.
Anyhow; in the beginning they are showing off the 'actors'. Downey's character has played a naughty monk. With naghty monk Tobey McGuire. The scene is so over the top and ridiculous. But those two, Downey and McGuire, they sure can send some heated looks. The scene wasn't so ridiculous after all. Or maybe it is. Whatever! You know I'm shallow. It's an artform, I'll have you know, to be this shallow.

Satan's Alley. I don't know how to embedd the bleddy thing. Follow the link

Talk about getting sidetracked. Save me, Barry!