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02 April 2016 @ 02:36 pm
PoI Drabble No. 1 Tension  
Theme: Tension
Characters: Finch/Reese
Location: Library
Rating: R for innuendo
Word count: 116

"You're very tense, Harold."

Harold sighed and leaned into the hand gently rubbing his neck. "Yes, I believe I am. Do you have any suggestions on how to remedy that?"

The chair creaked when Reese pulled it out and spun Harold around. Harold could never stop admiring Reese's gracefulness when he took to his knees. He wished for his bedroom where he could properly admire Reese, the way he crawled up the bed, agile and smooth. But this had to suffice for now.

Hands that could break bones gently stroked up Harold's thighs. Nimble fingers deftly unbuttoned his trousers and sneaked inside. Reese looked up, through half lidded eyes, " Yes, Harold, you know I do."